Lesley-Ann Brandt From IT Recruitment to Hollywood Stardom

Lesley-Ann Brandt is a South African and American actress who has carved a successful path in television, captivating audiences with her fierce performances. Best known for her portrayal of the demon Mazikeen in the popular Netflix series “Lucifer,” Brandt’s journey to Hollywood is as unique as her characters. This article delves into her life and career, exploring her diverse background, rise to fame, and upcoming projects.

From Cape Town to Auckland: A Multifaceted Beginning

Born on December 2nd, 1981, in Cape Town, South Africa, Brandt is of Cape Coloured descent, a heritage rich in Indian, German, Dutch, San, and Spanish ancestry. Fluent in Afrikaans, she excelled in athletics, playing competitive field hockey during her youth. In 1999, at the age of 18, Brandt immigrated to Auckland, New Zealand, with her family.

Brandt’s initial career path was far from the spotlight. She began working in retail sales before transitioning to IT recruitment consultancy. However, a spark for a more creative life flickered within her. Modeling opportunities opened doors, leading to her being cast in various New Zealand television commercials. This taste of the entertainment industry ignited a passion that would propel her onto a global stage.

Discovering Acting and Landing Breakout Roles

Brandt’s acting career began in New Zealand with a starring role in the comedy series “Diplomatic Immunity” (2009). This early success showcased her talent and charisma, catching the eye of international casting directors. The turning point arrived in 2010 when she landed the role of Naevia in the Starz historical drama “Spartacus: Blood and Sand.” This visceral series, depicting the gladiator rebellion led by Spartacus, thrust Brandt into the spotlight. Her portrayal of the fierce Celtic warrior Naevia garnered critical acclaim and established her as a rising star.

Brandt continued to impress audiences with her performance in the sequel, “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena” (2011). Her ability to embody strength, vulnerability, and unwavering determination resonated with viewers, solidifying her place in the action genre.

Reigning in Hell: Mazikeen, the Demon Stealing Hearts

In 2016, Brandt landed the role that would define her career: Mazikeen, the demon companion to Lucifer Morningstar, in the fantasy series “Lucifer.” Based on the DC Comics characters, the show follows Lucifer, the Lord of Hell, who abandons his throne for a luxurious life in Los Angeles. Mazikeen, fiercely loyal and a skilled demon warrior, becomes Lucifer’s confidante and best friend.

Brandt’s captivating performance as Mazikeen is a major reason for the show’s success. She brings a depth and complexity to the character, portraying her not just as a formidable fighter but also as a being with a longing for belonging and a fierce sense of loyalty. The undeniable chemistry between Brandt and her co-star Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer, further elevates the show, making their on-screen partnership a fan favorite.

“Lucifer” ran for six successful seasons, amassing a dedicated global fanbase. Brandt’s portrayal of Mazikeen resonated deeply with viewers, particularly women, who saw a strong, independent character who embraced her power and defied stereotypes. Brandt herself has spoken about the importance of representation and how Mazikeen has become a role model for fans who identify with the character’s strength and determination.

Beyond Lucifer: Exploring New Horizons

With “Lucifer” concluding its run in 2021, Brandt hasn’t slowed down. She recently appeared in the limited series “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live” (2024), which delves into the aftermath of the original “Walking Dead” series. This project allows Brandt to showcase her talent in a new genre, the ever-popular zombie apocalypse.

Brandt is also slated to star in the upcoming adult animated comedy series “Captain Fall” (2023) on Netflix. This foray into voice acting allows her to explore a different medium and bring her comedic timing to a wider audience.

Brandt remains active on social media, engaging with her fans and sharing glimpses into her life. She is a vocal advocate for diversity and representation in Hollywood, using her platform to inspire others.

A Life Less Ordinary: Family, Fitness, and Philanthropy

Brandt is married to actor Chris Payne Gilbert, and they have a son together. She is known for her dedication to fitness and healthy living, often sharing workout routines and healthy recipes on social media. Beyond acting, Brandt is passionate about philanthropy, supporting various charities and causes close to her heart.


Early Life and Background

Q: Where was Lesley-Ann Brandt born?

A: Lesley-Ann Brandt was born in Cape Town, South Africa.

Q: What is Lesley-Ann Brandt’s ethnicity?

A: Brandt is of Cape Coloured descent, a mix of Indian, German, Dutch, San, and Spanish ancestry.

Q: What did Lesley-Ann Brandt do before acting?

A: Before acting, Brandt worked in retail sales and IT recruitment consultancy in New Zealand.

Q: Is Lesley-Ann Brandt fluent in Afrikaans?

A: Yes, Brandt is fluent in Afrikaans, a language spoken in South Africa.

Career Highlights

Q: What is Lesley-Ann Brandt best known for?

A: Brandt is best known for her role as Mazikeen in the Netflix series “Lucifer.”

Q: In what other shows has Lesley-Ann Brandt acted?

A: Brandt has appeared in shows like “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena,” “CSI: NY,” “Diplomatic Immunity,” and most recently, “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.”

Q: What is Lesley-Ann Brandt’s upcoming project?

A: Brandt is set to voice a character in the upcoming adult animated series “Captain Fall” on Netflix.

Q: Did Lesley-Ann Brandt do her own stunts in “Lucifer”?

A: While the extent of her stunt work is unclear, Brandt has mentioned undergoing fight training for her role as Mazikeen.

Fan Favorites

Q: What is Lesley-Ann Brandt’s relationship with Tom Ellis (Lucifer Morningstar) like?

A: Brandt and Ellis share a great on-screen chemistry that translates to a strong off-screen friendship. They are often seen interacting on social media and at fan events.

Q: Why is Mazikeen such a popular character?

A: Mazikeen resonates with viewers for her strength, loyalty, and defiance of stereotypes. She is a complex character who isn’t afraid to be fierce and independent.

Q: Does Lesley-Ann Brandt sing?

A: Yes, Brandt showcased her singing talent in “Lucifer” by choosing the song for Mazikeen’s emotional moment.

Personal Life

Q: Is Lesley-Ann Brandt married?

A: Yes, Brandt is married to actor Chris Payne Gilbert.

Q: Does Lesley-Ann Brandt have children?

A: Yes, Brandt and her husband have a son together.

Q: Is Lesley-Ann Brandt on social media?

A: Yes, Brandt is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Q: What are some of Lesley-Ann Brandt’s hobbies?

A: Brandt is passionate about fitness and healthy living. She enjoys yoga, hockey, and even played competitive field hockey in her youth.

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