Adesanya vs. Pereira A Tale of Redemption and Rematch

The middleweight division of the UFC has witnessed its fair share of epic rivalries, but none quite as compelling as the one between Israel Adesanya vs Pereira. Their paths have collided not once, but twice, with each encounter etching itself into fight history. This article delves into their captivating story, addressing the burning questions fans have been asking on YouTube and the internet.

From Kickboxing Glory to Octagon Rivalry: A Look Back

Before their UFC battles, Adesanya and Pereira established their dominance in the kickboxing ring. Pereira, nicknamed “Poatan” (meaning “Stone Cold” in Portuguese), boasts a decorated kickboxing career, holding two victories over Adesanya – one by knockout and another by decision. These past encounters added a layer of intrigue and an element of revenge to their UFC clashes.

The First Chapter: Adesanya Loses His Middleweight Crown at UFC 281 (November 12, 2022)

UFC 281, held in New York City, witnessed a historic upset. Adesanya, the reigning middleweight champion, entered the octagon with a seemingly insurmountable reputation. However, Pereira, the underdog with a score to settle, proved otherwise.

The fight was a chess match of feints and cautious striking throughout the first four rounds. Adesanya appeared to be in control, utilizing his reach and technical prowess. However, Pereira remained patient, waiting for his moment. In the fifth and final round, Pereira unleashed a thunderous left hook that sent Adesanya crashing to the canvas. Adesanya bravely attempted to rise, but the referee deemed him unfit to continue, awarding Pereira a stunning technical knockout victory and the middleweight championship.

This unexpected outcome sent shockwaves through the MMA world. Adesanya, who had reigned supreme for years, was dethroned by his old kickboxing nemesis. The internet buzzed with questions:

Can Adesanya avenge his loss? This became the most pressing question. Fans clamored for a rematch, eager to see if Adesanya could reclaim his title.

Did the pressure get to Adesanya? Some speculated that Adesanya might have underestimated Pereira, leading to a lapse in focus.

Is Pereira a one-hit wonder? Pereira’s victory was spectacular, but some fans questioned if he could maintain this level of performance against Adesanya again.

The Rematch: Adesanya Reclaims His Glory at UFC 287 (April 8, 2023)

The highly anticipated rematch between Adesanya and Pereira took place at UFC 287 in Miami, Florida. This time, the fight unfolded differently. Adesanya, seemingly fueled by the desire for redemption, adopted a more aggressive strategy. He utilized leg kicks to sap Pereira’s power and kept the fight at a distance, frustrating Pereira’s attempts to land his heavy blows.

The fight was a grueling back-and-forth affair, with both fighters showcasing incredible heart and resilience. However, Adesanya’s calculated approach proved successful. In the fourth round, he capitalized on Pereira’s fatigue, landing a perfectly timed right cross that sent Pereira sprawling unconscious. The referee stopped the fight, awarding Adesanya a spectacular knockout victory and reclaiming his middleweight crown.

The internet erupted once again, with a new set of questions arising:

Did Adesanya learn from his mistakes? His tactical adjustments and use of leg kicks were crucial in securing the win, showcasing his fighting IQ.

Is Pereira’s chin suspect? While Pereira’s striking power is undeniable, both his knockout losses to Adesanya raise questions about his ability to withstand elite-level punches.

What’s next for both fighters? Adesanya has re-established himself as the middleweight king. Pereira, despite the loss, remains a top contender. Fans speculate on future potential opponents and the possibility of a trilogy fight.

The Legacy of Adesanya vs. Pereira

The Adesanya vs. Pereira saga has transcended a simple rivalry. It’s a captivating story of redemption, revenge, and adaptation. Both fighters have displayed phenomenal talent, grit, and the ability to bounce back from adversity. Their clashes have delivered unforgettable moments, solidifying their place among the middleweight division’s elite.

Here’s a glimpse into what the future might hold:

Adesanya’s reign: Can Adesanya maintain his dominance and defend his middleweight title against other contenders?

Pereira’s comeback: Will Pereira work his way back to a title shot? How will he adjust his strategy to counter Adesanya’s style?

The trilogy fight: Will fans witness a third chapter in this epic saga? Only time will tell.


How far back does this rivalry go? 

Adesanya and Pereira met twice before in kickboxing, with Pereira winning both encounters (one by decision, one by knockout).

What’s the significance of their kickboxing history? 

These prior wins fueled the hype for their MMA meeting, as Pereira looked to maintain dominance.

Who won the fight? 

Alex Pereira defeated Israel Adesanya via TKO in the fifth round, capturing the UFC Middleweight Championship.

How did the fight play out? 

Adesanya appeared to be controlling the fight with his jab and footwork. However, Pereira landed a powerful right hook in the fifth round, putting Adesanya down and forcing the referee’s stoppage.

What was the impact of the fight? 

This fight shifted the middleweight landscape, with Pereira dethroning the reigning champion Adesanya.

Did Adesanya regain his title?

No, Adesanya lost the rematch to Pereira by unanimous decision in a close fight. This solidified Pereira’s reign as the middleweight king.

How did the rematch differ from the first fight? 

This bout was more tactical, with both fighters being cautious. While Adesanya landed more strikes, Pereira’s power punches likely swayed the judges.

Will there be a trilogy fight? 

It’s not confirmed yet, but the rivalry is far from over. Adesanya might look for redemption in a future fight.

Who are the other contenders in the middleweight division? 

Several fighters like Robert Whittaker, Paulo Costa, and Khamzat Chimaev are vying for title shots, making the middleweight division very competitive.

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