Awesome Kong A Legacy Carved in Steel

Kia Stevens, better known by her legendary ring names Awesome Kong and Amazing Kong, isn’t just a wrestler – she’s a phenomenon. Over two decades, she’s carved her name into the annals of professional wrestling, particularly in the ever-evolving world of women’s competition. Let’s delve into the awe-inspiring journey of Awesome Kong, answering the burning questions fans have about this wrestling titan.

From Hardwood Courts to Squared Circle: Kong’s Transformation

Born in 1977, Kong’s athletic prowess manifested early. Basketball was her initial calling, leading her to play professionally in Europe. A knee injury, however, forced a career change. Drawn to the world of wrestling, she trained at California’s School of Hard Knocks, stepping into the ring in 2002.

Independent Circuit Domination (2002-2007): The Rise of Amazing Kong

Under the moniker Amazing Kong, she quickly rose through the ranks of the independent circuit. Her imposing stature, coupled with surprising agility and raw power, made her a captivating performer. Wrestling for promotions like Shimmer Women Athletes, she gained notoriety for her brutal yet awe-inspiring moves and brawls. Kong’s dominance caught the attention of major wrestling companies, paving the way for her signing with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) in 2007.

TNA: The Era of Awesome Kong (2007-2010)

TNA marked a defining chapter in Kong’s career. Debuting as “Awesome Kong,” a fitting name for the powerhouse she’d become, she instantly elevated TNA’s Knockouts Division (women’s division). Kong’s captivating presence and ability to seamlessly blend brutality with technical skill made her a fan favorite.

Her reign in TNA was nothing short of dominant. She secured two TNA Women’s Knockout Championships, engaging in unforgettable rivalries with Gail Kim, Taylor Wilde, and even another wrestler under the same name (talk about confusion!) One such clash, against Gail Kim at Final Resolution 2008, remains etched in wrestling history [YouTube link to Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim]. Beyond championships, Kong’s impact on the Knockouts Division was profound. She pioneered a more hard-hitting and competitive style, showcasing the athleticism and strength of female wrestlers.

A Brief WWE Stint as Kharma (2010): Unfulfilled Potential

In 2010, Kong signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) under the name Kharma. Her debut generated immense hype, with fans eager to see her dominate the main roster. Unfortunately, a real-life pregnancy cut her run short. She was released shortly after returning from maternity leave.

Returning to TNA and Beyond (2011-2021): A Global Icon

Following her WWE stint, Kong returned to TNA, where she remained a cornerstone of the Knockouts Division. She even captured the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship with Hamada, showcasing her versatility. Throughout the 2010s, Kong explored other promotions like Ring of Honor (ROH) and All Elite Wrestling (AEW), along with various independent circuits. Her willingness to compete across promotions solidified her status as a global wrestling icon.

Retirement and Enduring Legacy (2021-Present)

This news marked a bittersweet moment for fans, signifying the end of an era in women’s wrestling.

However, Kong’s legacy continues to inspire. She’s a true pioneer who shattered stereotypes and broke barriers. Her dominance in the ring redefined the perception of female wrestlers, proving that power and athleticism weren’t exclusive to male competitors.

Beyond her in-ring prowess, Kong is respected for her mentorship and positive influence on younger wrestlers. Several prominent female wrestlers, including Gail Kim and Britt Baker, have credited Kong for their guidance and inspiration. In 2021, Kong was rightfully inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame, a testament to her incredible career and lasting influence on the industry.

Breaking Barriers in Video Games:

Kong’s influence transcended wrestling when she became a playable character in several video games. This included titles like TNA Impact! and Saints Row: Double Trouble. Her inclusion in these games helped expose her talents and the world of women’s wrestling to a wider audience, particularly gamers who might not have been wrestling fans.

Advocacy for Women in Sports:

Kong has been a vocal advocate for women in sports. She has spoken out about the importance of equal opportunities and representation for female athletes. Her own success story serves as an inspiration to aspiring female wrestlers and athletes in general.

Frequently Asked Questions about Awesome Kong

Q: Is Awesome Kong related to Aja Kong?

A: No, Awesome Kong and Aja Kong are not related. However, they are both highly respected wrestlers with similar ring names, leading to some confusion among fans.

Q: What is Awesome Kong’s signature move?

A: Kong has several devastating signature moves, but perhaps the most iconic is the “Awesome Bomb” – a powerful running splash that leaves opponents flat on their backs.

Q: Is Awesome Kong related to Aja Kong?

A: No, Awesome Kong (Kia Stevens) and Aja Kong are not related. They are both legendary wrestlers, but with completely different backgrounds. However, their similar ring names can cause confusion among fans.

Q: What is Awesome Kong’s most famous move?

A: Kong boasts several incredible moves, but the “Awesome Bomb” is arguably her signature. This devastating maneuver involves a powerful running splash that flattens opponents.

Q: Why did Awesome Kong retire?

She retired from in-ring competition in 2021 after an impressive career spanning over two decades. While the exact reasons haven’t been publicly disclosed, it likely involved a combination of factors like age, potential injuries, and a desire to explore other endeavors.

Q: What impact did Awesome Kong have on women’s wrestling?

Awesome Kong’s impact on women’s wrestling is undeniable. She was a pioneer who redefined the perception of female wrestlers. Her dominance in the ring showcased power, athleticism, and technical skill, proving these qualities weren’t exclusive to male competitors. Kong paved the way for a more hard-hitting and competitive style in women’s wrestling, inspiring future generations of female wrestlers.

Q: What are some of Awesome Kong’s achievements?

Two-time TNA Women’s Knockout Champion

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion (with Hamada)

2021 Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee

Instrumental figure in elevating the Knockouts Division in TNA

Highly respected mentor for young wrestlers

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