Ceramic Dagger in Warframe

The Ceramic Dagger, shrouded in a hint of mystery within Warframe, has become a coveted weapon for Tenno seeking to diversify their arsenal. This seemingly simple dagger packs a punch with impressive stats and surprising versatility. It caters to both new and veteran players, but acquiring it requires a specific approach. Fear not, Tenno! This guide equips you with the knowledge to claim this unique weapon.

Ceramic Dagger’s Potential

Before embarking on your quest, let’s explore the Ceramic Dagger’s characteristics to understand its strengths:

Weapon Type: Melee (Dagger)

Mastery Rank Requirement: 3 – Accessible to most players

Damage Types: Primarily Puncture with a touch of Impact – Effective against various enemies

Critical Chance: Low – Can be compensated for with proper modding

Status Chance: High – Excellent for inflicting elemental effects and status ailments

Build Flexibility: Versatile – Adaptable to various builds and playstyles

Hidden Passive: 10% increased movement speed while equipped – Enhances mobility

The high Status Chance is the Ceramic Dagger’s true strength. It allows you to inflict status effects on enemies with ease, making it ideal for status-based builds. Even for hybrid builds, it’s a reliable source of procs. New players can also benefit from this weapon due to its low Mastery Rank requirement.

Two Paths to the Ceramic Dagger: Nightwave or Incarnon

Unlike most Warframe weapons, acquiring the Ceramic Dagger involves one of two methods: Nightwave Offerings or the Incarnon System (introduced in the Duviri Paradox update).

Nightwave Offerings: The Simpler Path

Nightwave is a recurring seasonal system offering rewards like cosmetics, resources, and even weapons. The Ceramic Dagger can appear as a reward during a Nightwave season, usually categorized as a “Miscellaneous” item purchasable with Nightwave Credits.

Frequency: The Ceramic Dagger doesn’t appear in every Nightwave season. Patience is key!

Nightwave Credits: Complete daily and weekly Nightwave missions to earn Credits.

Cost: The Ceramic Dagger typically costs around 50 Nightwave Credits, a relatively affordable price.

Alerts: Keep an eye out for announcements related to the current Nightwave season. These might reveal available rewards, including the Ceramic Dagger.

Incarnon System (Duviri Paradox Update): The Complex Path

The Duviri Paradox update introduced the Incarnon System, featuring a new weapon category – Incarnon Weapons. The Dagger can be transformed into an Incarnon Ceramic Dagger through this system.


Complete the “Duviri Paradox” quest to unlock the Incarnon System.

Possess the Steel Path feature unlocked (requires completing the Steel Path tutorial on Mars).


Steel Path Circuit Progress: Participate in Steel Path missions and earn progress. Rewards are distributed weekly on a rotation.

Ceramic Dagger Incarnon Adapter: During Week 4 (Rotation D) of the progress rewards, you have a chance to acquire this Adapter.

Ceramic Dagger Blueprint: You’ll need the standard Dagger blueprint (potentially from Nightwave or trading with other players).

Transforming the Dagger:

Head to the Foundry in your Orbiter.

Locate the Dagger blueprint and navigate to the “Transmute” option.

Use the Incarnon Adapter to transform the Dagger into the Incarnon Ceramic Dagger.

Benefits of the Incarnon Ceramic Dagger:

Enhanced Stats: Boasts improved stats compared to the base version.

Evolution System: Offers an evolution system, allowing you to customize its stats and functionality through gameplay choices.

Important Note:

While the Incarnon System offers a path to acquire the Incarnon Ceramic Dagger, it’s a more complex and time-consuming process compared to Nightwave. Additionally, the Incarnon Adapter appears on a specific weekly rotation.

This guide equips you with the knowledge to obtain the Dagger and forge it into a formidable weapon in your Warframe arsenal. Choose the path that suits your playstyle and patience, Tenno!

Advanced Tactics:

Playstyle Synergy: The Dagger shines in status-oriented builds. Focus on mods that enhance Status Chance and elemental damage to maximize the application of status effects. Consider Warframe abilities that complement these effects, such as spreading them to nearby enemies.

Combo Building: While the Dagger’s base Critical Chance is low, don’t neglect combo building entirely. Melee mods like “Fury” or “Berserker” can help maintain a decent combo multiplier, allowing for occasional critical hits and utilizing mods that scale with combo count.

Mobility Mastery: The hidden 10% movement speed bonus makes the Dagger ideal for hit-and-run tactics. Use this to your advantage by weaving in quick strikes, dodging enemy attacks, and repositioning strategically.

Ceramic Dagger in Warframe: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes the Ceramic Dagger special?

A: The Dagger boasts a high Status Chance, allowing you to inflict elemental effects and status ailments on enemies effectively. It’s versatile, with decent damage and a hidden movement speed bonus while equipped.

Q: How do I get the Ceramic Dagger?

A: There are two main ways:

Nightwave Offerings: During a Nightwave season, it can be a reward purchasable with Nightwave Credits. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding the current Nightwave season.

Incarnon System (Duviri Paradox Update): This method involves more steps:

Complete the “Duviri Paradox” quest and unlock the Steel Path.

Participate in Steel Path missions to earn progress and wait for Week 4 (Rotation D) to get a chance at the Ceramic Dagger Incarnon Adapter.

Acquire the standard Dagger blueprint (through Nightwave or trading).

Use the Adapter in the Foundry to transform the Dagger into the Incarnon Dagger.

Q: Which method is easier?

A: Nightwave is generally the simpler option if the Dagger appears as a reward during a season. The Incarnon System is more complex and time-consuming.

Q: What’s the difference between the Ceramic Dagger and the Incarnon Ceramic Dagger?

A: The Incarnon Dagger has improved stats and an evolution system allowing customization through gameplay.

Q: I’m a new player. Is the Ceramic Dagger good for me?

A: Yes! The low Mastery Rank requirement and the Status Chance make it a viable weapon for beginners.

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