Diving Deep into Lakers vs. Pelicans Playoff Push Stats

The Los Angeles Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans’ late-season push for the playoffs culminated in a thrilling two-game series in April 2024. Both contests were tightly contested, showcasing the talent on both sides and leaving fans on the edge of their seats. While the Lakers ultimately secured the crucial victory to advance, let’s delve into the player stats that defined these games and analyze how each team performed.

A Dominant Lakers Showing in Game 1 (April 14th)

The first matchup on April 14th was a masterclass in dominance by the Lakers. LeBron James orchestrated a masterful performance, leading his team to a convincing 124-108 victory. Here’s a breakdown of some key stats:

LeBron James Triple-Double Extravaganza: 

James was a triple-double machine, recording 28 points, 11 rebounds, and a staggering 17 assists. He controlled the tempo of the game, finding open teammates and leading the Lakers’ offensive charge.

Anthony Davis Finds His Groove: 

Anthony Davis complemented James beautifully with a dominant performance in the paint. He scored 30 points on efficient shooting (13-of-17) and used his size to overpower the Pelicans’ big men.

Pelicans Struggle Offensively:

 New Orleans struggled to find their offensive rhythm. Brandon Ingram, their leading scorer, was held to just 12 points, and the team as a whole shot a disappointing 41% from the field.

This game highlighted the Lakers’ potential when James and Davis are on fire. Their experience and ability to control the game on both ends were too much for the Pelicans to handle in this opening act.

A Pelicans Comeback Falls Short in Game 2 (April 16th)

With a playoff berth on the line, the Pelicans came out with a vengeance in Game 2. Zion Williamson dominated early, leading New Orleans to a lead late in the fourth quarter. However, the Lakers held their nerve and secured a narrow 110-106 victory.

Zion Williamson Goes Off: 

Williamson was unstoppable for much of the game, scoring a career-high 40 points on impressive 17-of-27 shooting. He showcased his athleticism and scoring prowess, carrying the Pelicans’ offense.

Lakers Share the Scoring Load: 

While James finished with a solid 18 points, the Lakers relied on a more balanced scoring attack in Game 2. Russell Westbrook chipped in with 22 points, and key contributions from Anthony Davis (15 points) and Malik Monk (17 points) proved crucial.

Injuries Impact Both Teams: 

The game took a crucial turn when Williamson went down with an injury late in the fourth quarter. Additionally, Anthony Davis exited the game earlier with a hip issue, adding a layer of uncertainty for both teams.

This game showcased the Pelicans’ potential when Williamson is healthy. However, the Lakers’ experience and ability to adjust throughout the contest ultimately secured the win.

Beyond the Box Score: 

YouTube Buzz and Underlying Stories

While box scores provide a quantitative analysis, there’s more to the story. Here are some additional talking points generating buzz on YouTube and other platforms:

The LeBron James MVP Narrative: 

James’ performance in these games added fuel to the MVP conversation. His leadership, playmaking, and clutch moments solidified his place as one of the league’s best.

The Return of Anthony Davis: 

Davis’ health concerns were a major storyline. While he showed flashes of brilliance, his late-game exit in Game 2 raised questions about his ability to stay healthy in the playoffs.

The Emergence of Zion Williamson: 

Williamson’s dominant performance in Game 2 ignited excitement around the league. His potential as a franchise cornerstone was evident, and fans eagerly awaited his return from injury.

These storylines added depth to the on-court action and provided fans with narratives to follow beyond just the stats.

Looking Ahead: The Post-Playoff Picture

Both teams headed into the playoffs with questions to answer.

Can the Lakers Maintain Momentum? 

The Lakers’ success hinged on James and Davis staying healthy. They needed to find a way to integrate Westbrook more effectively and improve their three-point shooting.

Will the Pelicans Rise with Williamson Healthy?

 The Pelicans’ playoff hopes rested heavily on Williamson’s health. If he could stay healthy, they had the potential to be a significant force in the Western Conference.

The two-game series between the Lakers and Pelicans was a microcosm of their respective playoff journeys. The Lakers’ experience and championship pedigree ultimately proved too much for the young Pelicans. However,


This FAQ dives into the player stats from the thrilling two-game series between the Los Angeles Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans in the 2024 NBA Play-In Tournament. It addresses common questions people are searching for on Google and YouTube.

Q: When were the Lakers vs. Pelicans Play-In games played?

A: The two games were played on April 14th and 16th, 2024.

Q: Where can I find the box scores and detailed stats for the games?

A: Several websites offer box scores and player stats, including:

ESPN: https://www.espn.com/nba/boxscore/_/gameId/401654655

CBS Sports: https://www.cbssports.com/nba/gametracker/boxscore/NBA_20231231_LAL@NO

NBA.com: https://www.nba.com/stats (Official NBA website)

Q: Who were the key players for each team in the series?

A: Lakers:

LeBron James: 

Triple-double (28 points, 11 rebounds, 17 assists) in Game 1, showcasing his all-around dominance.

Anthony Davis: 

Scored 30 points in Game 1 and provided a strong inside presence throughout.


Zion Williamson: 

Erupted for a career-high 40 points in Game 2, carrying the Pelicans’ offense before an injury setback.

Brandon Ingram: 

Struggled offensively in Game 1 but was finding a rhythm before exiting early in Game2.

Q: How did the scoring compare between the two games?

A: The Lakers dominated scoring in Game 1 (124-108). Game 2 was tighter (110-106), with the Pelicans leading for most of the fourth quarter before the Lakers secured the win.

Q: Were there any injuries that impacted the series?

A: Unfortunately, yes. Anthony Davis left Game 2 with a hip issue, adding to concerns about his health for the playoffs. Williamson’s late-game injury in Game 2 significantly impacted the Pelicans’ momentum.

Q: Where can I find highlights of the Lakers vs. Pelicans Play-In games?

A: Many sports highlights channels on YouTube offer condensed game highlights and analysis. You can search for “Lakers vs Pelicans Play-In highlights” or specific player highlights (e.g., “LeBron James Play-In triple-double”).

Q: What were some of the YouTube comments and reactions to these games?

A: YouTube comments likely centered around:

LeBron James’ MVP case 

Many fans commented on James’ leadership and playmaking, solidifying his MVP candidacy.

Zion Williamson’s potential: 

Williamson’s dominant performance created excitement about his future as a superstar.

The Lakers’ championship aspirations: 

Fans debated the Lakers’ chances of winning the championship, with health concerns being a major talking point.

The Pelicans’ future: 

Discussions likely revolved around the Pelicans’ potential with a healthy Williamson and the team’s development path.

This FAQ provides a starting point for your Lakers vs. Pelicans Play-In stat dive. Remember to explore the resources listed for deeper analysis and exciting game highlights.
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