Dominik Mysterio From Legacy to Controversy in NXT

Dominik Mysterio journey in WWE has been nothing short of dramatic. Following in the footsteps of his legendary father, Rey Mysterio, Dominik carved his own path, etching his name in the history books. However, his recent alliance with The Judgment Day has left fans questioning his loyalties and future. This article delves into Dominik’s NXT exploits, exploring his championship reigns, captivating feuds, and the controversy surrounding his alignment with The Judgment Day.

From Tag Team Glory to NXT Gold: Dominik’s Defining Moments

Dominik’s WWE career began alongside his father, Rey Mysterio. They captured the SmackDown Tag Team Titles in 2021, becoming the first father-son duo to achieve this feat. This emotional victory solidified their bond and Dominik’s potential. However, a shocking betrayal unfolded at Clash at the Castle 2022. Dominik viciously attacked his father, aligning himself with The Judgment Day (Finn Bálor, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley). This act of defiance marked a turning point, introducing “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio.

While his allegiance to The Judgment Day raised eyebrows, Dominik set his sights on singles glory in NXT. On the July 18th, 2023 episode of NXT, he dethroned Wes Lee to become the NXT North American Champion. This victory cemented his status as a rising star, independent of his father’s legacy. He successfully defended the title against Trick Williams in October 2023, showcasing his grit and determination.

Fans were eager to see how Dominik’s NXT reign would unfold. Would he remain on the brand and establish himself as a dominant champion, or would he be called up to the main roster alongside The Judgment Day?

A Questionable Alliance: The Judgment Day’s Influence

Dominik’s association with The Judgment Day has been a source of intrigue and debate. While some view it as a calculated move to establish himself as a ruthless competitor, others see it as a betrayal of his family and a negative influence.

The Judgment Day is known for their aggressive tactics and disregard for tradition. Rhea Ripley, the group’s leader, has taken Dominik under her wing, mentoring him and potentially manipulating him for her own agenda. Fans have speculated on whether this association will lead to Dominik adopting a more brutal in-ring style or becoming a pawn in The Judgment Day’s schemes.

One YouTube search query asks, “Will Dominik Mysterio betray The Judgment Day?” This question remains unanswered. While there have been moments of tension between Dominik and other members of the group, particularly Damian Priest, a full-fledged betrayal seems unlikely in the immediate future. The Judgment Day appears to be a source of power and validation for Dominik, and Rhea Ripley’s guidance could propel him to new heights.

NXT Deadline 2023: A Test of Loyalty

NXT Deadline 2023 presented a significant challenge for Dominik. Originally scheduled to defend his title against Wes Lee, Lee suffered an injury. In a surprising turn of events, Rey Mysterio, Dominik’s father, stepped into the ring alongside Dragon Lee (no relation to Rey) to face Dominik.

This emotionally charged match showcased the complexities of Dominik’s situation. While he displayed impressive athleticism and a ruthless streak honed by The Judgment Day, a flicker of hesitation was evident when facing his father. Ultimately, Dominik emerged victorious, retaining his championship. Yet, the victory came at a cost. The tension between Dominik and Rey Mysterio remained unresolved, leaving fans to wonder if a future reconciliation is possible.

Looking Ahead: The Uncertain Future of “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio’s future in NXT is uncertain. His two NXT North American Championship reigns have solidified him as a force to be reckoned with. However, the influence of The Judgment Day and the unresolved conflict with his father create a sense of unpredictability.


Will Dominik remain in NXT to continue building his legacy? 

With his championship victories, Dominik has established himself as a top star in NXT. He could potentially hold the title for an extended period, solidifying his position as a future main roster contender.

Will The Judgment Day call him up to the main roster? 

The Judgment Day’s presence is primarily on Raw. It’s possible they will request Dominik’s presence to bolster their ranks and add another dimension to their stable.

Will there be a reconciliation with Rey Mysterio? 

The emotional depth of their rivalry has captivated audiences. A potential storyline involving a father-son reconciliation could be a major draw for WWE.

Dominik Mysterio’s journey in NXT has been a captivating mix of athletic prowess, shocking betrayal, and an allegiance shrouded in mystery.

WWE NXT Dominik Mysterio FAQs

Is Dominik Mysterio still in NXT?

There are rumors and speculation, but no official confirmation about Dominik’s future in NXT.

What’s his current storyline?

Dominik has been absent from NXT television for the past few weeks due to an elbow injury sustained during a match with Andrade on the April 15th episode of Monday Night RAW.

Is he expected to return to NXT?

Reports suggest he might be back in NXT soon, potentially within the next six to eight weeks. However, there have also been hints that he could be involved in a storyline on SmackDown alongside Liv Morgan.

NXT Highlights:

What was Dominik’s biggest achievement in NXT?

Dominik captured the NXT North American Championship by defeating Trick Williams at NXT No Mercy.

Who was his on-screen partner in NXT?

Dominik Mysterio was often associated with Rhea Ripley as part of the Judgment Day stable. However, recent events suggest a potential shift with his interactions with Liv Morgan on RAW.

What was his wrestling style like in NXT?

Dominik’s style incorporated elements of high-flying moves and a more technical approach, likely influenced by his father Rey Mysterio’s legacy.

Future Outlook:

Will he return to NXT as champion?

It’s unclear. If he does return to NXT soon, it remains to be seen if he’ll regain the NXT North American Championship or pursue a different storyline.

Could he move to the main roster (RAW or SmackDown)?

There’s a possibility. His recent interactions with Liv Morgan on RAW and rumors surrounding his future suggest a potential move to the main roster.

Additional Resources:

Stay tuned to WWE’s official channels and reputable wrestling news websites for updates on Dominik Mysterio’s status and future storylines.

You can find replays of his NXT matches on the WWE Network or streaming service.

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