Inside Job Cancelled But Not Forgotten 

“Inside Job” captivated audiences with its dark humor, intricate plots, and exploration of conspiracy theories within the dysfunctional Cognito Inc. However, a cliffhanger ending in Part 2 left fans yearning for more. This article explores the fate of “Inside Job” Season 3, the reasons behind the cancellation, and the potential for its return.

A Stellar Debut and a Shocking Cancellation

Created by Shion Takeuchi, “Inside Job” debuted on Netflix in October 2021. The show quickly gained a devoted following with its witty dialogue, relatable characters like the socially awkward scientist Reagan Ridley, and its unique blend of workplace comedy, science fiction, and social commentary.

Following the success of Part 1, Netflix renewed the series for a second season, consisting of 20 episodes. Part 2 arrived in November 2022, leaving viewers with a jaw-dropping finale that hinted at a thrilling continuation.

Unfortunately, in January 2023, Netflix reversed its decision and cancelled “Inside Job.” This unexpected cancellation sparked disappointment and confusion among fans, prompting many to wonder why.

Reasons Behind Cancellation: Metrics and the Future of Animation

While Netflix hasn’t publicly disclosed specific reasons for the cancellation, industry experts point towards streaming service analytics as a likely culprit. Streaming services often prioritize shows with high viewership numbers and engagement metrics. While “Inside Job” might not have rivaled viewership giants like “Stranger Things,” it had a dedicated and passionate fanbase.

The cancellation also highlights the current landscape of adult animation. Streaming services offer a platform for diverse animation styles and storylines, but the pressure to perform can lead to the axing of critically acclaimed shows with loyal followings if deemed “niche.”

A Glimmer of Hope: Fan Campaigns and Potential Revivals

The cancellation of “Inside Job” wasn’t met with silence. Devoted fans launched online campaigns, expressing their support for the show and advocating for its revival. Social media platforms like Twitter were flooded with the hashtag #SaveInsideJob, showcasing the show’s enduring popularity.

While there haven’t been any official announcements regarding Season 3, the fervent fan response suggests there’s still a chance for “Inside Job” to return. Streaming services like Hulu or HBO Max, known for their diverse adult animation offerings, might see the potential in reviving the show.

Furthermore, the rise of alternative streaming platforms like Peacock or Crunchyroll could open doors for “Inside Job.” These platforms often cater to specific audience demographics and might be more receptive to a show like “Inside Job” with its established fanbase.

What Could Season 3 Hold? Exploring Potential Storylines

The cliffhanger ending of Part 2 left many plot threads dangling. Here’s a glimpse into what Season 3 could have explored:

Reagan’s Choice: The consequences of Reagan’s decision to join the mysterious shadow figures or remain within the corrupt Cognito Inc. and the impact on the world.

The Fate of Cognito Inc.: Unmasking the organization’s true purpose and the identity of the higher powers controlling it.

Relationships and Character Development: Delving deeper into the evolving dynamics between Reagan and her co-workers, her love life with Brett Hand, and the personal journeys of other characters.

Conspiracy Theories: Introducing fresh satirical takes on conspiracy theories, offering a new dose of social commentary.

The Legacy of Inside Job: A Show That Resonated

Even without Season 3, “Inside Job” has left a lasting impression. It tackled complex themes in a relatable and humorous way. The show’s sharp writing, memorable characters, and willingness to push boundaries resonated with viewers worldwide.

The cancellation might be a blow for fans, but the passionate online community and the potential for revival keep the hope for Season 3 alive. “Inside Job” has proven its ability to entertain and spark discussions, and its future remains unwritten.


When did Inside Job premiere and how many seasons are there?

Inside Job, created by Shion Takeuchi, debuted on Netflix in October 2021. It had two seasons, with Part 1 released in 2021 and Part 2 following in November 2022.

Why was Inside Job cancelled?

While Netflix hasn’t officially disclosed the reasons, experts suggest streaming service analytics likely played a role. Shows with high viewership and engagement metrics often get prioritized for renewal. Inside Job, despite having a devoted fanbase, may not have met those numbers.

Is there any chance for Season 3?

There haven’t been official announcements, but the passionate fan response with the #The SaveInsideJob campaign shows the show’s enduring popularity. Streaming services like Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock, or Crunchyroll might be more receptive to reviving a show with a dedicated fan base like Inside Job.

What could Season 3 explore?

The cliffhanger ending of Part 2 left many questions unanswered. Season 3 could delve into:

The consequences of Reagan’s decision regarding the mysterious figures.

The true purpose of Cognito Inc. and the identities controlling it.

Deeper exploration of character relationships and personal journeys.

New takes on conspiracy theories, offering fresh social commentary.

What was the impact of Inside Job?

Despite the cancellation, Inside Job left a mark. It tackled complex themes with humor, resonating with viewers through its sharp writing, memorable characters, and willingness to push boundaries. The show sparked discussions and left a lasting impression.

What was the fan reaction to the cancellation?

Fans were understandably disappointed and confused by the cancellation. The show had built a strong online community, and many expressed their frustration on social media platforms like Twitter using the hashtag #SaveInsideJob.

Are there any petitions to bring back Inside Job?

There’s a possibility! Fans passionate about the show might have created online petitions advocating for its revival. You can search for these petitions on websites like

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