Isis Hainsworth 

From Edinburgh Stages to Metal Lords – A Rising Starlet’s Journey

The name Isis Hainsworth might spark intrigue online, and rightfully so. This Scottish actress is carving her path in the film and television industry, captivating audiences with her talent and versatility. This article delves into the life and career of Isis Hainsworth, exploring her journey from the stages of Edinburgh to captivating roles in projects like “Metal Lords” and “Catherine Called Birdy.” It also addresses frequently asked questions regarding her background and filmography.

Early Life and Stepping onto the Stage (Limited Information Available)

Details about Isis Hainsworth’s early life remain somewhat limited. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1998, little is publicly known about her upbringing or the spark that ignited her passion for acting. However, her professional journey seems to have begun on the prestigious stages of the West End in London. This early exposure to theatre honed her craft and prepared her for the challenges of professional acting.

A Flourishing Theatrical Debut: “Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour” (2017)

Isis Hainsworth’s theatrical debut arrived in a noteworthy production. She took over the lead role of Orla in the stage adaptation of “Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour” when the show moved to the prestigious Duke of York’s Theatre in 2017. This role, originally played by Melissa Allan, propelled her into the spotlight of London’s vibrant theatre scene. While specifics about her performance are scarce, this early success suggests a captivating stage presence and a promising future in the world of acting.

From Stage to Screen: Transitioning to Television and Film

Following her theatrical success, Isis Hainsworth set her sights on television and film. Her screen debut arrived in 2016 with small roles in the BBC One miniseries “One of Us” (also known as “Retribution”) and the ITV drama “In Plainsight.” These initial appearances served as stepping stones, showcasing her talent to a wider audience.

Television Roles and Period Dramas: Exploring Diverse Characters

Isis Hainsworth continued to build her on-screen presence through diverse television roles. She portrayed Michelle McCullen in the BBC One miniseries “Wanderlust” (2018), Louise Graham in the BBC One miniseries “The Victim” (2019), and Abigail Warren in the second season of the acclaimed drama “Harlots” (2019). These roles highlighted her ability to adapt to different genres and historical settings, from contemporary dramas to period pieces like “Harlots.”

Metal Lords (2*022): A Breakout Role and Critical Acclaim

The year 2022 marked a significant turning point in Isis Hainsworth’s career. She landed a pivotal role in the Netflix comedy film “Metal Lords.” Playing Hunter Connelly, the lead singer of a teenage heavy metal band, she delivered a captivating performance that resonated with audiences and critics alike. “Metal Lords” provided her with a platform to showcase her comedic timing, musicality, and on-screen chemistry alongside co-stars Adrian Greensmith and Jaeden Martell. The film garnered positive reviews, with many praising Hainsworth’s charismatic performance as a highlight of the project. This critical acclaim solidified her place as a rising star to watch.

Catherine Called Birdy (2022): Period Drama and Endearing Performances

Further solidifying her versatility, Isis Hainsworth graced our screens in another 2022 release, the historical comedy film “Catherine Called Birdy.” Set in medieval England, the film follows the rebellious spirit of a young woman named Catherine (played by Bella Ramsey). Hainsworth takes on the role of Alys, Catherine’s loyal and witty best friend. Her portrayal of this endearing character adds depth and humor to the narrative, showcasing her ability to shine in a supporting role.

A Social Media Enigma and Focus on the Craft

Unlike many actors of her generation, Isis Hainsworth maintains a relatively low profile on social media. While there might be accounts under her name, it’s important to be cautious and verify their authenticity. This choice to prioritize her craft and avoid the spotlight adds to the intrigue surrounding her rising star status.

Looking Ahead: A Promising Future for Isis Hainsworth

In 2022, Isis Hainsworth was named a Screen International Star of Tomorrow, a prestigious recognition highlighting promising actors in the UK and Ireland. This acknowledgment underscores the industry’s recognition of her talent and potential. With her dedication, versatility, and captivating on-screen presence, Isis Hainsworth is sure to captivate audiences in exciting projects to come west.


Isis Hainsworth

Isis Hainsworth’s name might be intriguing, and with good reason! This rising Scottish actress is captivating audiences with her talent and diverse roles. This FAQ tackles the most common questions people search for online and on Youtube about this promising starlet.

Who is Isis Hainsworth?

Isis Hainsworth is a talented Scottish actress who has transitioned from the prestigious West End theatre scene to captivating audiences in film and television.

What is Isis Hainsworth Known For?

Breakout Role

Her portrayal of Hunter Connelly, the lead singer in the Netflix comedy film “Metal Lords” (2022), garnered critical acclaim and established her as a rising star.


Hainsworth has showcased her range by playing diverse characters, from the loyal best friend in the historical comedy “Catherine Called Birdy” (2022) to characters in contemporary dramas and period pieces.

Stage Beginnings: 

Her career kicked off on the renowned stages of London’s West End, demonstrating her dedication to honing her craft.

Where Can I Watch Isis Hainsworth’s Work?

Streaming Platforms: 

Her breakout role in “Metal Lords” is available on Netflix.

Film and Television Listings: 

Explore online databases like IMDb or dedicated movie websites to find her filmography and recommendations for where to watch her projects (availability can vary depending on your region and streaming services).

Does Isis Hainsworth Have Social Media?

While there might be accounts under her name, be cautious and verify their authenticity. Isis Hainsworth maintains a relatively low profile on social media, focusing on her craft rather than online presence.

What Else Do People Search About Isis Hainsworth?

Early Life and Training

 Specifics about her early life remain limited. Born in 1998 in Edinburgh, Scotland, her journey seems to have begun on the West End stage.

Upcoming Projects

Details about future endeavors are scarce, but being named a Screen International Star of Tomorrow in 2022 suggests exciting projects on the horizon.

Awards and Recognition 

Her inclusion in the prestigious Star of Tomorrow list highlights the industry’s recognition of her talent.

Why is Isis Hainsworth Considered a Rising Star?

Critical Acclaim

Her performance in “Metal Lords” garnered positive reviews, solidifying her place as a talent to watch.


She has tackled diverse roles across genres, showcasing her ability to adapt and deliver captivating performances.

Industry Recognition 

Being named a Star of Tomorrow signifies the industry’s belief in her promising future.

The Takeaway

Isis Hainsworth’s talent and dedication are undeniable. With a captivating screen presence and the ability to breathe life into diverse characters, she’s an actress to keep an eye on. This FAQ equips you to delve deeper into her filmography and discover the captivating world of Isis Hainsworth.
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