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Jake Hadley, known by his moniker “White Kong,” has been making waves in the UFC flyweight division. With an impressive record and a dominating style, Hadley has captured the attention of fans and fellow fighters alike. In this article, we delve into the life, career, and recent achievements of this British mixed martial artist.

Early Career and Contender Series

Jake Hadley’s journey to the UFC began with a storied career in Cage Warriors, where he showcased his skills across the pond. However, it was his appearance on Dana White’s Contender Series that truly put him on the map. Hadley’s dominating performance caught the eye of UFC President Dana White, leading to a contract offer.

UFC Debut and Notable Fights

UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs. Lemos

In his UFC debut, Jake Hadley faced off against Cody Durden. The fight showcased Hadley’s versatility, as he secured a submission victory with a triangle choke in the first round. His ground game and relentless pressure left a lasting impression on fans and opponents.

Confidence and Ambition

Hadley exudes confidence, and rightfully so. His fighting style is aggressive, and he’s out to win by any means necessary. Whether it’s a knockout, submission, or decision, Hadley aims to leave no doubt in the Octagon. His no-nonsense approach has garnered attention, and opponents know they’re in for a tough fight.

Stats and Records

Let’s break down some of Jake Hadley’s key stats:

Wins: 10 (2 by knockout, 5 by submission)

First Round Finishes: 5

Striking Accuracy: 44%

Takedown Accuracy: 25%

Average Fight Time: 9 minutes and 22 seconds

Hadley’s striking accuracy and submission skills make him a formidable opponent. His ability to finish fights early is a testament to his aggression and technical prowess.

Jake Hadley, also known as “White Kong,” possesses several key strengths that have contributed to his success in the UFC:

Aggressive Fighting Style: Hadley is relentless in the Octagon. His aggressive approach puts pressure on opponents, forcing them to react and defend. Whether it’s striking or grappling, he pushes the pace.

Ground Game: Hadley’s ground skills are impressive. He has secured submission victories using techniques like triangle chokes and armbars. His ability to control opponents on the mat is a significant asset.

Versatility: “White Kong” is not one-dimensional. He can strike effectively and transition seamlessly to grappling. His versatility keeps opponents guessing and prevents them from settling into a comfortable rhythm.

Confidence: Hadley exudes confidence. This mental strength often translates into better performance inside the cage.

Finishing Instinct: Hadley has a knack for finishing fights early. His first-round finishes demonstrate his killer instinct. Whether it’s a knockout or a submission, he aims to end the fight decisively.

Physical Attributes: Hadley’s athleticism and conditioning play a crucial role. His agility, speed, and endurance allow him to maintain a high pace throughout the fight.

In summary, Jake Hadley combines technical prowess, mental fortitude, and physical attributes to make him a formidable force in the UFC flyweight division.

Jake Hadley, despite his impressive record and skill set, does have a few areas that could be considered weaknesses:

Striking Defense: While Hadley’s striking offense is notable, his striking defense could use improvement. His 60% striking defense indicates that he absorbs significant strikes at times1. Working on head movement and defensive techniques would enhance his overall game.

Takedown Defense: Hadley’s takedown defense stands at 35%2. Improving this aspect would prevent opponents from taking him down and controlling the fight on the ground.

Takedown Accuracy: On the offensive side, Hadley’s takedown accuracy is 25%2. Enhancing his takedown setups and timing would allow him to secure more takedowns.

Decision Losses: Both of Hadley’s losses in the UFC have come via decision1. While he has a strong finishing instinct, he needs to focus on maintaining control throughout the entire fight, especially against tough opponents.

Experience at the Highest Level: Although he’s making waves in the UFC, Hadley is relatively new to the big stage. More fights against top-ranked opponents will provide valuable experience and help him address any weaknesses.

In summary, Jake Hadley’s weaknesses are areas he can work on to continue evolving as a fighter. With dedication and strategic adjustments

What People Are Asking

Who Is Jake Hadley?

Fans are curious about the man behind the nickname “White Kong.” Jake Hadley hails from England and has quickly risen through the ranks in the flyweight division. His relentless pursuit of victory and impressive performances have made him a fighter to watch.

How Did He Get His Nickname?

The moniker “White Kong” reflects Hadley’s fierce fighting style. Just like the legendary King Kong, he leaves a path of destruction in his wake. Fans appreciate his no-holds-barred approach and the excitement he brings to every fight.

What’s Next for Jake Hadley?

Hadley’s upcoming fight against Charles Johnson is highly anticipated. Fans wonder if he can continue his winning streak and climb the flyweight rankings. With his determination and skill set, anything is possible.


Jake Hadley’s journey in the UFC is one of determination, skill, and ambition. As “White Kong,” he’s here to make a statement. Keep an eye on this rising star – he’s poised to leave an indelible mark in the world of mixed martial arts.

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