Peter Thurnwald

From Adoption to Stardom

Peter Thurnwald, a Korea-born actor, has captured hearts on the screen with his portrayal of Alex Finnerty in the Netflix romcom series “XO, Kitty.” But beyond the character he plays, Thurnwald’s personal journey is equally fascinating. Let’s delve into his life, career, and the challenges he faced as an adopted Korean growing up in Australia.Early Life and Adoption

Born in Korea, Thurnwald was adopted by Australian parents when he was just six months old.

His experiences as an adopted child closely mirror those of his character, Alex, in “XO, Kitty.”

Thurnwald’s upbringing was “very Australian,” and he had limited exposure to his Korean heritage.

The Role of Alex Finnerty

In “XO, Kitty,” Alex is an Australia-raised Korean adoptee who teaches at the fictional Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS).

Thurnwald’s loyalty and care for others resonate with Alex’s character.

Both share the common thread of not knowing their true identity and roots.

Exploring Identity and Filmmaking

Thurnwald’s journey took an exciting turn when he stepped into the entertainment industry.

Playing an adopted character allowed him to explore facets of his personality and share them with viewers.

His love for film and storytelling led him to embrace acting.

Behind the Scenes

Thurnwald’s visit to Korea during the filming of “XO, Kitty” provided a new perspective.

Although he barely remembered the country from his childhood, the experience was eye-opening.

He cherishes the opportunity to learn more about his heritage.

Peter Thurnwald’s story is one of resilience, self-discovery, and passion. As he continues to make his mark in the entertainment world, his journey inspires us all.

Certainly! Let’s delve deeper into Peter Thurnwald’s acting career:

The Journey to Stardom

Thurnwald’s acting journey began unexpectedly. After his first public performance in a play, a casting agent noticed him.

He secured featured extra roles in notable films like “Kong: Skull Island” and “Thor: Ragnarok.”

His passion for acting ignited, leading him to study at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

Notable Roles

Lachie Koh in “Bump” (Stan Original):

Thurnwald gained recognition for his portrayal of Lachie Koh, a character dealing with teenage pregnancy and parenthood.

His performance showcased his versatility and emotional depth.

Alex Finnerty in “XO, Kitty” (Netflix):

As Alex, an Australia-raised Korean adoptee teaching at the fictional Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS), Thurnwald shines.

His loyalty and care for others resonate with viewers.

“Players” (CBS/Paramount):

Thurnwald stars as ‘Foresite’ in the League of Legends show “Players.”

His involvement in this esports-themed series highlights his diverse range as an actor.

Future Endeavors

Keep an eye out for Thurnwald’s upcoming projects. His talent and dedication continue to propel him forward in the entertainment industry.

Feel free to explore more about this rising star!


Where was Peter Thurnwald born?

Peter Thurnwald was born in South Korea and later adopted by Australian parents. He grew up on the Gold Coast, Australia.

What is Peter Thurnwald’s most notable role?

Peter Thurnwald gained recognition for his role as ‘Lachie Koh’ in the Stan Original series “Bump.”

Is Peter Thurnwald involved in any upcoming projects?

Yes, he stars as ‘Foresite’ in the CBS/Paramount+ League of Legends show, “Players,” and also features in Netflix’s “XO Kitty” as Alex Finnerty.

Does Peter Thurnwald have social media accounts?

While I couldn’t find specific social media profiles for him, you can keep an eye out for updates on his IMDb page1.

Is Peter Thurnwald involved in philanthropy?

There’s no public information about his philanthropic activities at the moment.

What is Peter Thurnwald’s educational background?

Peter studied physics at the University of Queensland before pursuing acting at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

Did Peter Thurnwald have a career before becoming an actor?

Before his acting career, Peter’s focus was on academics and sports during his school years at Somerset College2.

Feel free to expand upon these questions or add any other relevant ones you’d like to include!

Certainly! Peter Thurnwald, the emerging Australian actor, has a fascinating background. Let’s explore some lesser-known aspects of his life:

Adoption from South Korea:

Peter Thurnwald was adopted from South Korea as a baby by Australian parents.

His personal journey mirrors that of his character, Alex Finnerty, in the Netflix series “XO Kitty.”

Alex’s quest to connect with his birth parents resonates with Thurnwald’s own experiences

Search for Birth Mother

Thurnwald faced an identity crisis in his teens due to the mystery surrounding his biological roots.

He embarked on a heartfelt quest to find his birth mother but encountered obstacles when the orphanage he was adopted from had been tragically destroyed by fire.

Despite setbacks, he remains determined to locate his birth mother1.

Unexpected Acting Journey:

Acting wasn’t initially on Thurnwald’s radar.

A casting agent noticed him after his first public performance in a play, leading to featured extra roles in films like “Kong: Skull Island” and “Thor: Ragnarok.”

His passion for acting ignited, and he later studied at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)3.

Multi-Talented Artist:

Thurnwald is not only an actor but also a skilled singer.

He aspires to work behind the camera as a producer and director.

Feel free to explore more about this rising star!

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