RiceGum Heartbreaking Loss

RiceGum, a popular YouTuber known for his often-controversial content, shared a deeply personal story with his audience in 2019. In a video titled “Baby Girl,” he revealed the devastating news that his then-girlfriend, Ellerie Marie, had lost their unborn daughter at 35 weeks pregnant. This event sparked conversations about a difficult topic and highlighted the importance of open communication.

A Shared Journey Cut Short

In early 2019, RiceGum and Ellerie, a social media influencer, announced their pregnancy to their fans. They documented their excitement through social media posts, showcasing baby bump pictures, ultrasound scans, and glimpses of nursery decorations. Their online presence reflected the joy and anticipation they felt for their daughter’s arrival.

Tragically, their happiness was short-lived. Weeks before the baby’s due date, RiceGum uploaded the emotional video “Baby Girl.” Filled with raw grief, he shared the devastating news that their unborn daughter had passed away due to unknown complications. Medical tests offered no explanation, leaving the cause of the stillbirth a heartbreaking mystery.

The video served as a heartfelt tribute to their daughter, showcasing the love and excitement they felt for her. It resonated deeply with RiceGum’s audience, many of whom offered messages of condolence and shared their own experiences with loss.

Vulnerability and Open Dialogue

RiceGum, known for his brash online persona, surprised many with the vulnerability he displayed in the “Baby Girl” video. Opening up about such a personal tragedy sparked important conversations about miscarriage and stillbirth, topics often shrouded in silence and stigma.

By sharing his story, RiceGum helped break down barriers and normalize open communication about pregnancy loss. His video allowed others who had experienced similar tragedies to feel less alone and opened a dialogue about the emotional toll of such a loss. It also showcased a different side of RiceGum, one marked by genuine emotion and vulnerability. This resonated with fans who had previously only known him through his more controversial content.

Grief, Healing, and Moving Forward

The loss of their unborn child undoubtedly had a profound impact on both RiceGum and Ellerie. Social media posts in the following months hinted at their struggles with grief. However, they also offered glimpses of support for one another as they navigated this difficult time.

RiceGum continued creating content, but the experience undoubtedly left a lasting mark. References to his daughter surfaced occasionally, and the video “Baby Girl” remains a poignant testament to their loss.

While the pain of losing a child never truly fades, RiceGum and Ellerie have undoubtedly moved forward. In 2021, Ellerie announced her engagement to a new partner, and RiceGum continues to focus on his YouTube career.

More Than Just Online Drama: A Universal Story of Loss

RiceGum’s story transcends the realm of YouTube drama and celebrity gossip. It touches upon the universal experience of loss and the importance of open communication, particularly surrounding sensitive topics like miscarriage and stillbirth.

By sharing his story, RiceGum helped break down stigmas and create a space for open conversation about a topic often shrouded in silence. His vulnerability allowed others who had experienced similar losses to feel less alone and find strength in shared experiences.

This story serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy and understanding, particularly when dealing with such profound loss. It highlights the power of vulnerability and the ability to connect with others through shared experiences, even in the often-frivolous world of online content creation.


When did RiceGum and Ellerie announce their pregnancy?

RiceGum and Ellerie announced their pregnancy in early 2019.

What was the name of the video RiceGum uploaded about his loss?

The video was titled “Baby Girl” and uploaded in 2019.

What was the cause of their daughter’s death?

The cause of their daughter’s death remains unknown. RiceGum mentioned that all genetic tests and blood work came back normal.

How did RiceGum’s audience react to the news?

RiceGum’s audience reacted with an outpouring of support. Many offered messages of condolence and shared their own experiences with loss.

Has RiceGum spoken publicly about his daughter since the video?

RiceGum has occasionally referenced his daughter on social media. The video “Baby Girl” remains a public tribute to her.

How has this experience impacted RiceGum’s life?

The impact of this loss is likely personal and not fully documented publicly. However, the experience undoubtedly left a lasting mark, and the video “Baby Girl” serves as a testament to that.

Is RiceGum still with Ellerie?

No, RiceGum and Ellerie are not together anymore. In 2021, Ellerie announced her engagement to a new partner.

Why is it important to talk about miscarriage and stillbirth?

These topics are often shrouded in silence and stigma. Open communication can help normalize the experience, reduce feelings of isolation for those who have gone through it, and encourage others to seek support.

Did RiceGum receive any criticism for the video?

While the overall response was supportive, there might have been some negative comments, especially considering RiceGum’s past controversies.

How common are miscarriages and stillbirths?

According to the March of Dimes, a nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health, around 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. 

What resources are available for people who experience pregnancy loss?

Several resources are available for those who experience pregnancy loss. Some support groups include The National Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support and March of Dimes Additionally, mental health professionals can offer valuable support during this difficult time.

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