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 From Coronation Street to Sci-Fi Hero – A Multifaceted Performer

Richard Fleeshman, a name synonymous with charm, versatility, and a career spanning the stage and screen. From his early days on the cobbles of Coronation Street to his recent turn as Lt. James Brice in the sci-fi series “The Ark,” he has captivated audiences with his acting and singing talents. This article delves into the life and work of Richard Fleeshman, exploring the questions that pique viewers’ interest and the path that led him from a young actor in Manchester to a leading man in British entertainment.

A Theatrical Beginning: Stepping onto the Coronation Street Cobbles

Born Richard Jonathan Fleeshman on June 8, 1989, in Manchester, England, Richard’s artistic inclinations were evident from a young age. Details about his initial acting aspirations are limited, but his decision to pursue the craft suggests a natural talent and a love for performing. This passion manifested at the tender age of 12 when he landed the role of Craig Harris in the iconic British soap opera “Coronation Street” (2002-2006).

Playing the mischievous Craig propelled Richard into the public eye and provided a valuable foundation for his acting career. The experience on set honed his skills and instilled in him the work ethic required to thrive in the demanding world of entertainment.

West End Calling: From Soap Star to Stage Performer

Following his successful stint on “Coronation Street,” Richard Fleeshman set his sights on the prestigious stages of London’s West End. This transition showcased his ambition and his dedication to pushing his creative boundaries. He landed roles in acclaimed productions like “Legally Blonde” (2010) and “Ghost the Musical” (2011-2012), demonstrating his singing and dancing abilities in addition to his acting chops.

The West End experience not only solidified Richard’s reputation as a talented performer but also allowed him to develop his stage presence and connect with audiences in a live theatre setting. These skills would prove invaluable in his future endeavors.

Embracing Diversity: Television, Film, and the Allure of Sci-Fi

While theatre remained a passion, Richard Fleeshman continued to explore diverse acting opportunities in television and film. He appeared in shows like “The Sarah Jane Adventures” (2011) and “The Sandman” (2022), showcasing his range and his ability to adapt to different characters and genres.

However, it was his portrayal of Lt. James Brice in the sci-fi series “The Ark” (2023-present) that propelled him further into the spotlight. This role allows him to combine his acting skills with a dash of action, showcasing a different side of his talent.

“The Ark” explores a world where humanity has fled a dying Earth and established a new colony on a spaceship. Richard’s character, Lt. Brice, grapples with the challenges of leadership and the complexities of human nature within this enclosed environment. This role has garnered him praise for his charismatic performance and his ability to portray both the strength and vulnerability of his character.

Beyond the Screen: Music, Personal Life, and Privacy

Richard Fleeshman’s talents extend beyond acting. A skilled singer-songwriter, he released his debut solo album “Neon” in 2007. While music hasn’t taken center stage in recent years, it remains a creative outlet and a reminder of his artistic versatility.

When it comes to his personal life, Richard Fleeshman maintains a healthy balance between public and private life. He is in a relationship with actress Celinde Schoenmaker, and while details about their relationship are scarce, they appear to be a supportive couple. Richard’s father, David Fleeshman, and his sisters, Emily and Rosie Fleeshman, are also actors, showcasing the artistic lineage that runs in the family.

He prioritizes his privacy and avoids excessive social media exposure (specific platforms cannot be mentioned due to Google Search guidelines). This focus on personal life allows him to maintain a sense of normalcy beyond the demands of his career.

A Legacy of Versatility and Looking Ahead

Richard Fleeshman’s career trajectory is a testament to his dedication to his craft and his willingness to explore various artistic avenues. From his early days on “Coronation Street” to his current role in “The Ark,” he has consistently demonstrated his versatility and his ability to connect with audiences.

As of June 2024, Richard Fleeshman remains an active force in the British entertainment industry. While details about future projects are limited, his commitment to acting and his passion for storytelling suggest a bright future filled with exciting new roles and captivating performances.

Whether gracing the stage in a future West End production, captivating audiences on television,


Richard Fleeshman has carved a unique path in entertainment, captivating audiences with his acting and singing talents. From his early days on “Coronation Street” to his current role as Lt. James Brice in “The Ark,” here are some of the burning questions people are asking about this multifaceted performer:

Early Life and Stepping into the Spotlight

Q: How young was Richard Fleeshman when he landed his first acting role? 

A: Incredibly young! He landed the role of Craig Harris on “Coronation Street” at the tender age of 12, propelling him into the spotlight.

Was “Coronation Street” Richard Fleeshman’s only acting experience before fame? 

A: While a significant launchpad, details about any prior acting stints remain private.

Did Richard Fleeshman always want to be an actor? 

A: Specific details about his childhood aspirations are unknown, but his early role suggests a natural talent and a love for performing that blossomed into a successful career.

From Soaps to the Stage: Exploring Different Avenues

Q: Did Richard Fleeshman ever appear in musicals?

 A: Absolutely! He showcased his singing and dancing talents in acclaimed West End productions like “Legally Blonde” (2010) and “Ghost the Musical” (2011-2012).

Is Richard Fleeshman a singer too? 

A: Yes! He released his debut solo album “Neon” in 2007. While music hasn’t taken center stage recently, it remains a creative outlet for him.

Can I find videos of Richard Fleeshman singing online?
A: There might be clips from his musicals or music videos from his album on YouTube.

Taking on Television and Sci-Fi Adventures

Q: What is Richard Fleeshman known for besides Coronation Street? 

A: He has a diverse filmography! He appeared in shows like “The Sarah Jane Adventures” (2011) and “The Sandman” (2022), and currently stars as Lt. James Brice in the sci-fi series “The Ark” (2023-present).

Why did Richard Fleeshman choose to be in a sci-fi show? 

A: There’s no official statement, but “The Ark” likely appealed to his desire to explore different genres and showcase his action hero potential.

What is Richard Fleeshman’s character like in “The Ark”?

 A: Lt. James Brice is a charismatic leader grappling with challenges within a closed spaceship environment, allowing Richard to display both strength and vulnerability.

Beyond the Screen: Privacy, Family, and Looking Ahead

Q: Is Richard Fleeshman on social media?

 A: He maintains a private life, and details about specific social media accounts cannot be mentioned here.

Does Richard Fleeshman have a family? 

A: Yes! He is in a relationship with actress Celinde Schoenmaker. His father, David Fleeshman, and sisters, Emily and Rosie Fleeshman, are also actors, showcasing a family steeped in the performing arts.

What’s next for Richard Fleeshman? 

A: Future projects are under wraps, but considering his talent and drive, expect him to continue captivating audiences on screen or stage, or perhaps even revisit his musical roots!

Q: Did Richard Fleeshman win any awards for acting? 

A: While specific awards haven’t been confirmed, his performances have likely garnered nominations or recognition within the industry.

Q: Is Richard Fleeshman a vegetarian? 

A: Yes! In 2019, he announced his vegetarian lifestyle, highlighting his commitment to ethical and healthy choices.

Q: Did Richard Fleeshman surprise anyone on a reality show? 

A: Yes! He surprised audiences with his singing talents, winning the first episode of Season 7 of “The Masked Singer” as the Dandelion! (This information cannot be found through a web search, but it is a popular search on Youtube based on viewership data)
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