Roger Ibañez: From Midfield obscurity to Brazil’s Defensive Rock

Roger Ibañez da Silva, or simply Roger Ibañez, is a name that has become synonymous with strong defending in recent years. The Brazilian footballer, currently plying his trade for Saudi Arabian club Al-Ahli, has established himself as a vital cog in their backline, and even earned call-ups to the Brazilian national team. But Ibañez’s journey to the top has been far from ordinary. This article delves into the career of this rising star, exploring his unexpected rise, playing style, and what the future holds.

Roger Ibañez

From Humble Beginnings to Italian Adventure

Born in 1998 in Canela, Brazil, Ibañez’s professional career began not with the flair of an attacker, but in the engine room of midfield. Starting at Grêmio Atlético Osoriense in 2016, a relatively unknown club, he quickly moved to PRS Futebol Clube later that year. There, he made his senior debut in the Copa Serrana, a regional competition. While his talent was evident, his position wasn’t quite the right fit.

A short loan spell at Sergipe in 2017 yielded limited opportunities, but upon returning to PRS, a switch flipped. Ibañez was converted into a center-back, a move that proved to be a masterstroke. His defensive prowess began to shine, transforming him into a regular starter during the Campeonato Gaúcho Série B campaign.

This newfound defensive solidity caught the eye of Fluminense, a traditional Brazilian powerhouse. In 2017, they secured Ibañez on loan, and his performances there further solidified his reputation as a rising star. Impressive displays earned him a permanent move to Fluminense in 2018.

Ibañez’s meteoric rise continued to attract attention across the Atlantic. In 2019, Italian club Atalanta secured his signature. This move marked a significant step up in competition for the young defender. While initial playing time was limited, Ibañez made his debut in a crucial Serie A match against Genoa, a testament to the coaching staff’s belief in his potential.

Establishing Himself in Rome: The AS Roma Years

Despite limited opportunities at Atalanta, another Italian giant came calling. AS Roma, under the management of Paulo Fonseca, saw the potential in Ibañez and signed him on loan in 2020. This loan move proved to be a turning point in Ibañez’s career.

He quickly established himself as a key defensive figure in the heart of Roma’s backline. His aggressive tackling, aerial dominance, and leadership qualities made him a fan favorite. The loan deal was eventually made permanent in 2021, solidifying Ibañez’s place in the Italian capital.

Ibañez’s time at Roma wasn’t without its challenges. There were occasional lapses in concentration, and his playing style occasionally led to yellow and red cards. However, he continued to develop under the tutelage of Jose Mourinho, who arrived in 2021. Mourinho’s defensive focus further honed Ibañez’s skills, making him a more disciplined and well-rounded defender.

A Lucrative Move to Saudi Arabia and National Team Recognition

In a surprising turn of events, Ibañez signed for Saudi Arabian club Al-Ahli in August 2023. The transfer fee, reported to be in the region of €25 million, was a significant windfall for Roma. While the move might have raised eyebrows for some fans, it presented Ibañez with a lucrative contract and the chance to be a leader in a new league.

Despite the move away from the European spotlight, Ibañez’s performances haven’t gone unnoticed. He has received call-ups to the Brazilian national team, making his debut in a friendly against South Korea in 2022. With Brazil boasting a plethora of defensive talent, Ibañez will be looking to solidify his place in the squad for upcoming tournaments.

Playing Style and Strengths: A Modern Centre-Back

So, what exactly makes Roger Ibañez such a sought-after defender? He is strong in the air, adept at winning aerial duels, and is a committed tackler. His aggressive style often disrupts opposition attacks and allows him to win possession back for his team.

However, Ibañez’s skillset goes beyond just brute force. He is surprisingly quick for his size and possesses good positional awareness. He is also comfortable stepping out of defense to initiate attacks, showcasing a surprising passing range for a center-back. This ability to contribute to the build-up play adds another dimension to his skillset and makes him a valuable asset in a modern possession-based system.


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