Ruby the Red Hot Look in Fortnite

The vast wardrobe of Fortnite outfits offers something for every player’s style. But for those seeking a classic and versatile look, Ruby stands out as a popular choice. This red-clad character isn’t just about aesthetics; she’s a symbol of street style within the Fortnite universe.

This article delves into everything you need to know about Ruby, from her origin story and cosmetic details to handy tips on acquiring her and making the most of her presence in the game.

A Touch of Crimson: Unveiling Ruby’s Look

Ruby first graced the Fortnite scene in Chapter 1, Season X, which ran from August 1st, 2019 to October 1st, 2019. She’s categorized as a “Rare” outfit, placing her in a mid-tier range of cosmetic rarity within the game.

Her design embodies a modern street style vibe. Ruby sports a sleek red hoodie with a white zipper and matching red sweatpants with white stripes running down the sides. A touch of personality comes through with a silver chain hanging from her right pocket. Rounding out the look is a pair of clean white sneakers.

Ruby’s overall appearance is simple yet striking. The bold red color scheme makes her stand out on the battlefield, while the casual streetwear aesthetic keeps her design grounded and relatable for many players.

Beyond the Hoodie: Exploring Ruby’s Set

Ruby doesn’t come alone. She’s part of the “Street Stripes” set, which includes a back bling aptly named “Red Alert.” This back bling is a red backpack with a silver lightning bolt emblazoned across it, perfectly complementing Ruby’s red and white color scheme.

Unfortunately, the Street Stripes set doesn’t include a harvesting tool or glider. However, players can find numerous cosmetic options in the Fortnite store that pair well with Ruby’s look. For a harvesting tool, the “Axecellent” pickaxe with its sleek red and black design creates a cohesive street style ensemble. For a glider, the “Cozy Chomps” glider with its red and white color scheme offers a playful contrast.

How to Shine in Red: Obtaining Ruby

As a “Rare” outfit, Ruby isn’t always available in the Fortnite Item Shop. Her appearances are sporadic, with the last documented sighting being 15 days ago (as of May 23rd, 2024).

There’s no guaranteed method to make Ruby appear, but players can employ a few strategies to increase their chances of acquiring her:

Regularly check the Fortnite Item Shop: This is the most straightforward way to get Ruby. Make it a habit to check the shop daily, especially after major Fortnite updates or during seasonal events, as these periods often see a rotation of returning cosmetics.

Utilize Fortnite community resources: Several online communities and websites track the appearances of Fortnite cosmetics. Following these resources can give you a heads-up when Ruby is back in the Item Shop.

Consider V-Bucks alerts: Some third-party apps and websites offer notification services for specific cosmetics in the Fortnite Item Shop. These can be helpful reminders when Ruby becomes available.

When Ruby does appear in the Item Shop, she’ll cost 1,200 V-Bucks, Fortnite’s in-game currency. If you don’t have enough V-Bucks saved up, you can purchase them directly through the Fortnite store using real-world currency.

Showcasing Your Style: Rocking the Ruby Look

Once you’ve acquired Ruby, it’s time to showcase her in all her red-hot glory! Here are some tips on maximizing your enjoyment of this versatile outfit:

Experiment with Contrail styles: Contrails are those colorful trails that leave behind your character as you glide through the air. Several contrails, such as “Molten Core” or “Flare,” complement Ruby’s red color scheme and add a touch of flair.

Embrace the emotes: Fortnite’s vast emote collection allows you to express yourself in unique ways. Some emotes, like “Fresh” or “Take the L,” fit perfectly with Ruby’s street style persona.

Consider weapon wraps: Weapon wraps allow you to customize the look of your weapons. Wraps like “Molten” or “Crimson” create a cohesive red aesthetic that matches Ruby’s outfit.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match: The beauty of Fortnite’s cosmetic system lies in its customization options. While the Street Stripes set provides a complete look, feel free to experiment with other back blings, harvesting tools, and gliders to create a personalized style for Ruby.

Origin and Design

The Original Ruby: The origin of the Ruby skin isn’t officially explained in Fortnite lore. It likely served as a general cosmetic option for players who enjoy red and black aesthetics.

The Ruby Shadows: This skin was part of the “Shadow Series” released in Chapter 2 Season 6. This series featured “shadowy” versions of existing characters, with darker color schemes and a more tactical vibe.

Rarity and Value

Limited Availability: Since neither Ruby skin is currently obtainable, their rarity might increase their value to some players who collect past cosmetics.

Trading and Marketplaces: Remember, Epic Games frowns upon unofficial trading of Fortnite accounts or V-Bucks. There are official marketplaces within Fortnite where players can sometimes purchase outfits from other players using V-Bucks, but these selections are curated by Epic and don’t always include past season items.

General FAQs about Ruby Skins:

Are the Ruby skins still available? 

No, neither the original Ruby skin nor the Ruby Shadows skin are currently obtainable in Fortnite. They might return to the Item Shop in the future, but there’s no guarantee.

Are the Ruby skins valuable? 

The availability of these skins can depend. The original Ruby skin might be considered more valuable due to its earlier release. However, value in Fortnite is subjective and depends on player preference.

Are there similar skins? 

Yes, Fortnite has many skins with red and black color schemes. Check the Item Shop for alternatives if you miss the Ruby skins.

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