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Shayna Baszler isn’t your typical professional wrestler. With a background steeped in mixed martial arts (MMA) and a reputation as one of the most feared submission grapplers in the world, Baszler has carved a unique path in the world of sports entertainment. This article delves into the multifaceted career of Shayna Baszler, exploring her journey from the octagon to the squared circle, her signature submission moves, and the impact she’s had on both MMA and professional wrestling.

Early Life and MMA Beginnings: A Foundation in Submission Grappling

Born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1980, Shayna Baszler’s athletic journey began early. She wrestled competitively in high school and college, developing a strong foundation in grappling. However, it was her discovery of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that truly ignited her passion for combat sports. Under the tutelage of MMA veteran Josh Barnett, Baszler honed her skills, becoming a master of submission grappling techniques.

Baszler’s talent for constrictions and joint locks became readily apparent. She amassed an impressive record in grappling tournaments, earning accolades and establishing a reputation as a dominant force. This success naturally propelled her towards the world of MMA, where she could showcase her skills in a full-contact setting.

Proving Her Worth: A Solid MMA Career with a Signature Move

Shayna Baszler transitioned to professional MMA in 2006. Throughout her career, she fought for various promotions, including EliteXC, Strikeforce, and Invicta FC. While she didn’t achieve the meteoric rise of some MMA stars, Baszler consistently displayed her grappling prowess and technical brilliance.

One of Baszler’s most notable victories came against Sarah Kaufman in 2010. In that fight, she showcased her signature submission move, a one-armed Kimura lock she creatively nicknamed the “Shwing.” The Shwing quickly became synonymous with Baszler, a testament to her technical mastery and ability to secure fight-ending submissions.

Despite her grappling dominance, Baszler’s MMA record settled at 15 wins and 11 losses. While some losses came against top competition, injuries also hampered her progress at times. However, her grit, determination, and ability to tap out opponents with a variety of submissions earned her a loyal following and the respect of her peers.

Transitioning to Professional Wrestling: The Queen of Spades Takes Center Stage

By 2015, Shayna Baszler set her sights on a new challenge: professional wrestling. Her grappling background and intimidating presence made her a natural fit for the WWE. She quickly established herself as a dominant force in the developmental territory, NXT, capturing the NXT Women’s Championship in 2017.

Baszler’s wrestling persona, “The Queen of Spades,” perfectly embodied her MMA background. She incorporated her submission expertise into her matches, showcasing a variety of chokeholds and joint locks that often left her opponents struggling to escape. Her technical prowess and ruthless demeanor quickly made her a fan favorite.

Dominating the Women’s Division: Championships and Accolades

Shayna Baszler’s main roster debut in WWE further cemented her status as a force to be reckoned with. She feuded with some of the biggest names in the women’s division, including Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Sasha Banks. Her reign as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion alongside Bayley solidified her dominance and versatility in the ring.

Baszler’s accolades extend beyond championships. She’s the only woman ever to win an MMA fight by Twister submission, a testament to her technical mastery. She’s also a multiple-time world champion across MMA and professional wrestling, showcasing her ability to excel in both combat sports worlds.

Beyond the Ring: Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Others

Shayna Baszler’s impact transcends wins and championships. She’s a role model for aspiring female combat athletes, demonstrating that technical skill and submission grappling can be just as effective as striking power. Her success in both MMA and professional wrestling has broken barriers and inspired a new generation of female competitors.

Baszler’s journey from the world of MMA to the WWE spotlight is a testament to her dedication, technical prowess, and ability to adapt. She’s a pioneer who has blurred the lines between combat sports, showcasing the effectiveness of submission grappling in both realms.

Shayna Baszler: A Legacy Still in the Making

Shayna Baszler’s career is far from over. Whether she continues to dominate in WWE or seeks new challenges, her legacy as a technical mastermind and a force to be reckoned with is already secure. She’s an inspiration to combat sports athletes and a testament to the power of dedication and perseverance.

Q: What is Shayna Baszler’s most famous MMA move?

A: Shayna Baszler’s signature move is a one-armed Kimura lock she creatively nicknamed the “Shwing.” This submission technique involves twisting the opponent’s arm and shoulder, forcing them to tap out.

Q: How many MMA wins does Shayna Baszler have?

A: Shayna Baszler’s MMA record stands at 15 wins and 11 losses. While she didn’t achieve the win record of some top fighters, she consistently displayed her grappling prowess and earned respect for her technical skills.

Q: What titles has Shayna Baszler won in WWE?

A: Shayna Baszler is a two-time NXT Women’s Champion and a record-tying three-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion (alongside Bayley).

Q: Why is Shayna Baszler considered a role model?

A: Shayna Baszler’s success in both MMA and professional wrestling, where submission grappling is often overshadowed by striking, inspires aspiring female combat athletes. She showcases the effectiveness of technical skill and a well-rounded approach to fighting.

Q: What’s next for Shayna Baszler?

A: Shayna Baszler is still an active competitor in WWE. With her talent and experience, she could potentially challenge for major singles titles or continue dominating the tag team division. 

Q: Is Shayna Baszler still involved in MMA?

A: Shayna Baszler hasn’t competed in MMA since 2016. Her focus seems to have shifted entirely to professional wrestling at this point in her career.

Q: Where can I learn more about Shayna Baszler?

A: You can follow Shayna Baszler on social media (though her accounts are not always verified) or check out her official WWE profile for the latest updates and information. Several MMA and wrestling news websites and documentaries also delve deeper into her career.

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