The Great Escaper

Unveiling the Talented Cast

The Great Escaper, a 2023 film directed by Oliver Parker, boasts an ensemble cast that brings its compelling story to life. Let’s delve into the talented actors who grace the screen in this historical drama.

1. Michael Caine as Bernard Jordan

Michael Caine takes on the central role of Bernard “Bernie” Jordan, a World War II veteran. His portrayal balances vulnerability, determination, and wit, making Bernie a memorable character1.

2. Glenda Jackson as Irene Jordan

Glenda Jackson plays Irene “Rene” Jordan, Bernie’s wife. Her chemistry with Michael Caine adds emotional resonance to the film1.

3. John Standing as Arthur Howard-Johnson

John Standing contributes to the cast as Arthur Howard-Johnson. His role adds depth to the storyline, although specific details about the character remain undisclosed1.

4. Will Fletcher as Young Bernard

Will Fletcher portrays the younger version of Bernard Jordan. His performance captures the essence of Bernie’s youth and wartime experiences1.

5. Laura Marcus as Young Irene

Laura Marcus steps into the shoes of the younger Irene Jordan. Her portrayal provides insight into Irene’s past and her relationship with Bernie1.

6. Danielle Vitalis as Adele

danielle Vitalis plays Adele, a character whose role remains intriguingly mysterious1.

7. Victor Oshin as Scott Selwood

Victor Oshin takes on the part of Scott Selwood, contributing to the film’s ensemble dynamics1.

8. Brennan Reece as Martin Roberts

Brennan Reece adds depth to the cast as Martin Roberts, although further details about his character are yet to be revealed1.

9. Elkie Kristine Jeffery, Deborah Rose Watt, and Freyja Jane Barter as Candy Girls

These three talented actresses portray Candy Girls, adding glamour and intrigue to the film1.

10. Other Notable Cast Members

The film also features Graeme Dalling, Myles Olofin, Daniel Hayde, Ann Queensberry, Elliot Norman, Paul Bigley, Isabella Domville, Geoffrey Lumb, and more1.

The Great Escaper promises an engaging cinematic experience, fueled by the remarkable performances of its cast. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply appreciate powerful storytelling, this film is worth watching2.

What is the historical context of *The Great Escaper*?

The Great Escaper is based on the true story of 89-year-old British World War II Royal Navy veteran Bernard Jordan. In June 2014, he “broke out” of his nursing home to attend the 70th anniversary D-Day commemorations in France. This remarkable event unfolded against the backdrop of the 70th anniversary of D-Day, a pivotal moment in World War II when over 156,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy in the largest amphibious invasion in history. The fate of freedom hung in the balance, and world leaders gathered on that iconic shoreline to honor the veterans who had fought for the liberation of the continent12. Jordan’s determination to participate in the commemoration made him a national figure, and his story continues to inspire audiences through The Great Escaper film.


“The Great Escaper” Cast FAQs

Who plays the lead role in “The Great Escaper”?

Michael Caine portrays Bernard “Bernie” Jordan, the central character in the film1.

Are there any notable supporting actors in the cast?

Yes, several talented actors contribute to the film:

Glenda Jackson plays Irene “Rene” Jordan, Bernard’s wife.

John Standing takes on an important role (character details not specified).

Will Fletcher portrays the younger version of Bernard Jordan.

Laura Marcus portrays the younger version of Irene Jordan12.

What is the premise of “The Great Escaper”?

The film follows Bernard Jordan’s escape from his care home to attend the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings in France3.
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